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This box is for when I make changes to my site, so you guys know.

8/16/05- Added New Pic

8/18/05-Added New Pic (Thanks Jordon)

8/29/05- Added 5 New Pics

9/30/05-Added 2 new Pics & added new website link

10/09/05-Added New website link

10/13/05-Added new page

10/16/05-Added Shout box on new page

11/1/05-Added 5 new HP pics

11/29/05-Added new website link. WARNING! This link contains spoilers for HBP even the name is a big spoiler.

12/26/05-Added new website link

1/21/06-First update of 2006! It's a big 1! Added 1 new pics, a new website link, and 5 new HP pics.

2/20/06-Added 3 new pics
Happy summer!